Thursday, April 4, 2024

News: McFarlane gave announced a Batman Forever line

Well I think we were all hoping this would be coming sooner or later.

Finally last weekend - at Wondercon - Todd McFarlane announced that a Batman Forever 7 inch action figure line is on the way!

See the picture below. 

(Although it says Summer 2025 but apparently this is incorrect and they'll be out this year).

Some interesting things to note:-

Unfortunately we're only getting a reissue of the Sonar Suit that came out last year in the Ultimate Batman set. There's no Panther suit. However the rumour is that an exclusive Panther suit may come later (possibly with a 7 inch scale Batmobile!).

Although I can't see from the photo. I imagine the difference will be that the Batman figure will come with a molded plastic cape.

Two-Face, Riddler and Robin are the other three figures to collect. I think we all expected that given that the Batman & Robin line also had 4 figures. It's a shame the line isn't bigger - a Sugar, Spice and/or Chase figure would have been cool.

The big surprise is the choice for Build-a-Figure. It's the Nightmare Bat that Bruce keeps dreaming about in the film. This is a cool choice as it is only briefly seen in the film (poor Rick Baker who designed it). 

It's most famous for the deleted scene where Bruce spreads his arms out and stands face to face with it (which was put in the trailer).

Again, I can't tell from the photo but I hope you can move the Bat's head to recreate that scene.

I'm sort of hoping this helps a tiny bit in getting the Schumacher Cut finally released. Who knows? Every little bit helps.

Lastly, I'd recommend watching this video of Todd talking at Wondercon (skip to 15 minutes in to go to the Batman Forever reveal). 

He mentions two things of interest - 1) the Batman & Robin line had a "really big response at the toy fair last year and at retail" 2) he specifically notes that there "a group of you that are trying to collect the Batman movie characters" and he's "trying to deliver on that".

It feels nice to hear Todd say that. I (and I think everyone else that reads this blog or watches my YouTube channel) feel seen.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Batmobile phone by Micro Games of America

I love the design of the Forever Batmobile but I'll be honest I've got so many toys and models I don't need any more.

At least that's what I thought until I saw this Batmobile telephone on eBay. I've seen versions of the 1989 Batmobile as a phone but not the Forever one.

As shown in the video the phone lights up when you call it. Sadly it doesn't play any cool ringtones. 

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Riddler and Two Face figures from Kenner

Given that Riddler and Two Face are partners in crime in Batman Forever, it makes sense that Kenner made a double pack of figures.

These are basically just repaints of existing figures. The Riddler has a new head sculpt but other than that they aren't any different.

Two Face comes with a gold gun accessory that annoyingly my one is missing. It's based on the gun he uses to blow up the gas line and bury Batman in the subway.

These are definitely good value and perfect if you just want the most movie accurate versions of the two villains.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Solar Shield Batman figure from Kenner

If there's one thing everyone remembers about Batman, it's that he needs the sun for power.

Wait, no that's the other guy.

Oh well, as was often the case with 90s Kenner figures they went with an absolutely bonkers concept because:-

1) it sounded cool and 

2) made for a great figure.

This is Solar Shield Batman, one of the wave 2 figures. It come with some enormous wings and a crossbow (?) for his hand.

The material on the cape is particularly neat. They could have gone with just black but the metallic blue really makes it stand out. 

It took me a long while to track this one down. Glad I have it because there's nothing quite like it. Get one if you can.

Friday, January 5, 2024

Book Review: Neon Knight Forever: The Legacy of Joel Schumacher’s Batman Duology by Tomasz Zaglewski

Review by Neil Rickatson

I have to preface this review and state that I am acknowledged twice within the text of this book. I will do my best to stay as impartial as possible. 

In today’s world everyone is very quick to compartmentalise every aspect of their life. Turn everything into a binary 0 or 1. Nothing is immune. I can’t throw a virtual rock on the internet without hitting “That’s the worst movie I ever saw” or “That’s the best movie I ever saw.” There is little room for any sort of nuance. And inevitably we end up with a handful of great movies that everyone universally agrees are great, and the rest go in a pile to the side to be left untouched. 

Logic dictates that only this first pile of great movies should be written about when actually I find much more satisfaction in looking at the other pile. For years, the Schumacher Batman movies have been dragged through the mud. On release Batman Forever was seen as a slick but empty exercise in commercial filmmaking. Batman & Robin by contrast was seen as an excessive, noisy, exhausting hollow product. Comic book fans, in particular, turned to the internet and railed against both films for multiple reasons: their deviation from the comics, their humorous take on the material and their style choices. 

And here’s the thing that bothered me. They didn’t let up. At all. No one was allowed to get a word in edgeways. So the narrative has been the Schumacher movies sucked, they have zero value and they should be talked about as briefly as possible. 

Thankfully time is a healer. After almost 30 years, Professor Tomasz ┼╗aglewski (from the Institute of Cultural Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland) has taken the task of looking at both films and trying to find what their legacy is. To be clear this is not a book about the making of the films (though a little bit of that is covered here and there) but a book that examines how people thought about Schumacher’s Batman duology then and how they think about them now. 

Here is a quick overview of the topics covered:- 

Part 1 talks about the place of the Schumacher films in Batman fandom. How they are seen as being “wrong” because they did not have a dark and serious tone. How they were also out of step with where the character was in the comics at the time. It also talks about how difficult it is to pin down any kind of definitive Batman portrayal (very true) and looks at some of the various versions of Batman over the years. Some were familiar to me such as Dark Knight and Camp Knight. Others were new terms I hadn’t seen before Cute Knight, Toy Knight, Dad Knight! 

Part 2 looks in more detail at the elements around the movie. Joel Schumacher (often seen as a generic journeyman director) is viewed with a fresh lens. Seen as a director who kept coming back to “trespasser” characters and stories. There is also a look at the shift from Burton's version of Batman to Schumacher's version. Were they their own thing or was Schumacher attempting to tie both universes together? 

Part 3 looks at some of the talking points around the films. The figures (which some people thought were disappointing because you couldn't get a figure that looked like they did in the film). The video games which are not beloved due to their frustratingly clunky controls. And finally… the bat nipples that featured in both films and what an overblown fuss they caused. 

The final part looks at how the duology has shifted in terms of public perception over the years. How the films were not well reviewed at the time and B&R, in particular, had a disappointing (but not disastrous) box office. To today where the films enjoy a small and loyal fandom (this is where I come in - which was surreal to read). And finally ends by talking about the online push for an extended cut of Batman Forever. 

All in all, this is a great, very knowledgeable book with a fantastic grasp of the subject. Tomasz is – I believe from the introduction – sympathetic to Schumacher’s aims and picks through both Batman movies, finding all sorts of interesting and varied subject matter. He draws on all areas of prior Batman expertise – such as Will Brooker, William Uricchio and Roberta E. Pearson. 

I must confess the whole book even made me look at both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin with renewed respect. I particularly enjoyed the second part of the book which dealt with Joel. I recently have been going through all of Schumacher’s filmography and was delighted to be shown this idea in Neon Knight Forever that there is this unified “trespasser” theme that runs through many of his films (one of his last movies was even called Trespass – how did I miss that). There’s this thinking that Tim Burton was “the artist”, and Joel was a “studio shill” but the book makes great pains to remind us that Joel did have thematic elements that interested him and with these two Batman films he did have a vision – to make a “living comic book”. It might not have been beloved by everyone but there was thought put behind it all. He was not the toy and cartoon and merchandise-obsessed man that a lot of people think he was. 

The book also reminded me of various little moments that I’d filed away and forgotten or outright missed. Such as how, even though the continuity is sketchy at best, Batman & Robin is designed to be a progression from the Burton films. Joel wanted to evolve the character of Bruce Wayne to be in a different place from the beginning of the franchise. I also chuckled at some of the old reviews and comments about both films. Gene Siskel’s review of B&R as a “a sniggering, exhausting, overproduced extravaganza that has virtually all of the humanity pounded out of it in the name of an endless parade of stunt sequences”. In some ways he’s not wrong, there’s times I watch and feel the same way (other times I just go with it and enjoy the "extravaganza" and "endless parade of stunt sequences"). 

The book also compares - or rather brings up comparisons of - Batman & Robin to recent films such as Thor: Love and Thunder and Birds of Prey. The former (which I haven’t seen yet) is an interesting comparison because the Marvel Cinematic Universe for many years has been a success juggernaut yet even I was aware that online fans had roundly eviscerated the fourth Thor movie in similar ways to B&R. Criticising it’s campy, playful, comedic tone. Neon Knight Forever begins by citing MCU boss Kevin Feige talking (in 2009) about B&R being a watermark that “demanded a new way of doing things. It created the opportunity to do X-Men and Spider-Man, adaptations that respected the source material and adaptations that were not campy.” Interesting to see that 14 years later Feige is producing a new campy, comedic superhero movie that goes against these earlier words. Perhaps camp is a necessary outlet that must be brought out every few years – a sort of cyclical event – if nothing else for a bit of variety. Perhaps there is a limit to the public’s appetite for dark, serious superhero movies. Maybe we can't keep telling the same story, with the same tone over and over again.

There really isn’t much I can criticise the book about. I would have loved for it to be a little bit longer. I also would have loved to have seen the book cover a little more on the online reaction to Batman & Robin circa 1997 - I feel it was a watershed moment when the internet started to become infinitely more important in terms of film criticism than newspapers/journals/TV. It democratised film criticism for better and for worse. Ain’t It Cool News’ review of Batman & Robin which drew comparisons of the audience feeling like “survivors of Hiroshima” was - I feel - a lightning rod for comic book fans and set the tone for the next few decades of online film reviews. 

But maybe that’s for part 2. I certainly feel there’s more to be discussed about both these films. And hopefully now Tomasz has broken the seal, others will come forward to give Schumacher’s duology their own analysis. 

I thank Tomasz for writing such an eloquent book, it has given me much to think about and I urge anyone with a passing interest in Batman Forever and/or Batman & Robin to buy a copy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Val Kilmer Batman figure from McFarlane

Merry Christmas everyone!

In a bit of Christmas kindness, a fan of reached out to me on Instagram and asked if I would be interested in the Val Kilmer figure from the recently released McFarlane Ultimate Batman Collection - a six figure set of all the most recent movie Batman actors.

I can't thank the guy enough for sending it to me. 

This is a really great figure and hopefully it will be released as a solo figure soon as part of a Batman Forever line.

It really captures the likeness of Val and the sonar suit. All the details are there, right down to the gold belt buckle. I particularly love that they've captured the metallic blue silver colour (something the vintage figures never really did).

Being a fan of vintage figures I wasn't aware how good articulation had gotten. The an crunch and should joints in particular are really well done. As is the flexible "pants" that allow the figure to look good as a statue and be able to be put in tons of poses.

One thing to note is that this figure has a cloth cape. When the solo figure comes out it may not. The solo George Clooney figure changed the cape to be a plastic one. So if you're like me an love cloth capes, get this one.

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Cosrider figure from Hot Toys

I reviewed the 4 Batman Forever Cosbaby figures by Hot Toys a while back. When I saw they were also doing a Forever Batmobile I was going to give it a miss. I'm not super into the "super deformed" style of figures and I have a ton of other Batmobiles in my collection.

However on closer inspection this is something a little different. It's actually a miniature version of the kids ride-on batmobile that was out at the time. You know the kind of thing where they'd be outside shops and your mum would put a pound in and you'd sit in it and it would go up and down and play a tune for 2 minutes.

The Batman figure that is standing out the top is also not just the original Cosbaby figure. It's a new sculpt. Hats off to Hot Toys for coming out with such an oddball idea. It's totally unique in my collection.

Anyway, as I say in the video it's a shame this doesn't play Seal or U2 or even some Elliot Goldenthal. I'll have to look into that - getting some kind of motion sensor that automatically plays "Kiss From a Rose" when you walk into my collection.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Bruce Wayne Target Variant by Kenner

Towards the end of Kenner's toyline Target (the US store) asked them to make a few exclusive repainted figures.

One of these was this variant of the Transforming Bruce Wayne figure. A straightforward repaint.

Decked out in metallic green and gold. It's a really nice colour scheme - maybe even better than the original flat blue and red.

However I'm not sure they needed to make Bruce Wayne's hair dark red. I'm sure they could have recoloured some other part of his body. Maybe given him a new coloured top or trousers.

Anyway, I love this figure. As I say in the video it might be my favourite Batman figure ever!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Leaping Batman statue from Applause

Applause was a company that made several 12 inch cold cast statues for Batman Forever that I reviewed a while back.

But I knew there was one more statue that they produced and I wasn't able to get it until now.

It comes in a huge polystyrene box but is actually only about 8 inches high. It depicts Batman in the sonar suit leaping off a rooftop.

As I say in the video, I like how clever the figure is given that it is actually off the ground and is held in place by the cape. But the likeness and proportions are very cartoon-y and reminds me of the Batman Forever Kids illustration style (See the video I did on the Style Guide).

Anyway, it feels good to have all the Applause stuff now. 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Dick Grayson figure from Kenner

Now we come to one of the most experimental figures in the Batman Forever line - the transforming Dick Grayson figure.

I remember having this one as a kid. I really liked the Dick Grayson character in the film and I love figures that have the ability to change. So this was a must buy.

First up the negatives, I was always disappointed the figure didn't have some dramatically different costume underneath. I always loved it when you had a figure in their casual clothes and got to suit them up. I get the reasoning but it sort of defeats the object of being a transforming figure if he's already wearing a sort of Robin costume underneath his Robin costume.

Secondly the colour changing mask on Robin was always a bit temperamental. It's a neat idea but the reality is your figure will usually just have a grey outline most of the time rather than looking like a fresh faced Chris O'Donnell.

I remember sometimes I'd try to change it without the aid of water. I had this has heater in the room where I placed with my toys and I remember melting my original figure by leaving him too long near the heat.

That said, I still like the figure and still have fond memories of it. Even with it's flaws I still find it fun and it reminds me of Kenner's constant desire to make some of the most innovative, playful figures of the 90s.

Friday, July 21, 2023

McFarlane are doing more Batman & Robin figures

Wow, did not expect this so quickly. McFarlane Toys have announced they are also releasing at least 5 figures from Batman, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Robin and Mr Freeze.

Again these are 7 inches.

There's no mention but there will also probably be a Bane build-a-figure (ie. You'll get a part of Bane with each figure you purchase - collect them all and you can make the full figure).

Release date is listed as Fall 2023. No price guide but likely $20-25 per figure.

I'm assuming they'll also be doing some Batman Forever figures too but who knows.

New McFarlane Kilmer and Clooney figures coming soon

Todd McFarlane just announced a new 6 figure Ultimate Movie Collection of figures based on the most recent Batman movie actors. 

The set will retail for $119.99 and feature the following actors:-

Michael Keaton (1989 suit)
Val Kilmer (Sonar suit)
George Clooney (non-Ice suit)
Christian Bale (Dark Knight suit)
Ben Affleck (looks like the Tactical suit from Justice League without the goggles)
and Robert Pattinson 

Most are reissues of existing McFarlane figures but Kilmer and Clooney are brand new sculpts. Have a look at the pictures below and see what you think.

Here's a link to the McFarlane page:-

They are all 7 inches and come with one bat signal with interchangeable bat symbols! No batarangs or other gadgets have been mentioned.

I don't love the poseable heads (it makes them look less like the actual suits) but everything else seems really good. I particularly love that these have cloth capes. And I think the likeness (the mouth and chin) are pretty good - certainly much better than Mattel DC Multiverse figure of Kilmer from a few years ago.

Hopefully these will be able to be purchased separately at some point in the future.

There were rumours earlier in the year that McFarlane may released more figures from Batman Forever (Batman, Robin, Two Face and The Riddler) and Batman & Robin (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze and Bane as a build-a-figure). 

Who knows if that will happen but this certainly makes it more likely.

I know Todd will never see this message but THANK YOU for not forgetting the Schumacher Batmans.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

New book on Schumacher's Batman movies "Neon Knight Forever" to be released in December

Tomasz ┼╗aglewski - a professor in film and audiovisual culture - has written a NEW book that analyses both of Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies titled “Neon Knight Forever”. 

I'm really looking forward to reading this (and will no doubt be reviewing it when it comes out). As far as I know Schumacher's Batman movies have never really been written about in this way - deconstructed, analysed, and talked about in an academic fashion. 

Let's face it, for the last two decades most of what has been written about Batman Forever and Batman & Robin has been negative online comments by irate comic nerds mad about nipples or campy acting. It's nice that someone wants to talk about it in a balanced way. 

Here's a preview of the chapter headings:-

Introduction: 'Can I persuade you to take a sandwich with you, sir?' 
1. Neon Knight Begins: The Not-So-Dark Knight as an Element in Batman's Transmedia Multiverse 
1.1. Into the Bat-verse: From the Multiverse of Stories to the Multiverse of Readings 
1.2. Camp Knight, Dad Knight or Cute Knight? Exploring the Foundations of the Neon Knight 
2. The Neon Knight Unchained: Questionable Choices and the Ice-Catching Spectacle in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin 
2.1. Who's Afraid of the Big, Black Bat? Joel Schumacher as a Cinematic Trespasser 
2.2. Tim Burton's Noir-tmare before Christmas vs. Joel Schumacher's Camp Noir: Embracing a Living Comic Book as a Visual Thriller 
2.3. The Lite Knight Rises: The Troubling Case of the Plastic Figures, Virtual Grappling Hooks, and Rubber Nipples 
3. The Neon Knight Triumphant: Modern Perception of Joel Schumacher's Batman Duology 
3.1. 'It's So Bad, It's Almost Good': Fandom's Online Discourse Following Joel Schumacher's Passing 
3.2. Schumacher was right': Social Media Appreciation for the Neon Knight Closing Remarks or 'We're going to need a bigger cave'

The book is due for release in December 2023, you can pre-order now by following the link:-

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A Schumacher Cut of Batman Forever finally screens! Details revealed.

Well, after months of waiting for any kind of movement on the long-fabled Schumacher Cut we finally got a flurry of activity these last few weeks. First it was revealed on Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast that a listener Joe Black had handed Smith a workprint copy of Batman Forever on a thumb drive. Apparently Joe went to a tiny screening somewhere else and managed to convince the person who screened it a make him a copy. 

 Smith and Black discussed a little bit about the differences in this workprint from the theatrical release and then – Smith did the unthinkable – he announced he would screen this cut at his own SmodCastle Cinema in New Jersey. He would add it as a bonus to the end of a Clerks cartoon marathon. So technically he wouldn’t be charging people for watching it – as he put it “maybe I’ll put a film on at the end.” As I said, it’s his cinema so essentially it’s his rules. He can do what he wants. 

Cut to a couple of days ago and sure enough, he did (at like 3am!) screen this workprint. Now sadly, being based in the UK I was unable to attend but word has been spread by the 30 or so people who did stick around to watch it. Among these lucky viewers were the Epic Film Guys podcast. They recorded this great podcast detailing all the differences they spotted and I want to thank them for letting me write up notes based on what they said. Go listen to their podcast and follow them:- 

First off, the film is around about 2 hours and 16 minutes – we know this because there was a timecode burnt into the bottom of the screen. It also says WORKPRINT 11/94 which implies it was from November 1994 – we know there were some additional pick up shots done later. Apparently – and I’m assuming this was Joe Black because he mentioned he’d like to do it on the podcast – any shots that we identical to the theatrical cut, they had swapped out the workprint footage and just kept the audio. So it was very clear to audiences where the new material was. 

This is an early cut of the film – seemingly made before Elliot Goldenthal had completed his full score. As such, the film has a temp score that re-uses a lot of Danny Elfman’s scores for Batman and Batman Returns. This is a typical thing that is done on movies when you need to get a sense of what the finished film will sound like (or needs to sound like) before the composer creates their own score. 

The film has some unfinished effects work and the dialogue is much rougher. Apparently Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones re-recorded the audio for a lot of their performances (this is known in the business as ADR). 

Now there was rumour that the performance of Jones in particular was much subtler but the Epic Film Guys say that’s not really the case. He’s still cackling, hooting and generally being over the top. Other people who saw this cut did report that Jones performance was a littler subtler and generally improved. 

Some of the takes in the film are alternate takes of lines and some of the shots last longer. The Epic Film Guys said some shots they could tell the actors were waiting for the director to say “cut”. 

The main thing to note is that this cut follows the scene order of the original script. We don’t start at the bank and then go to Wayne Enterprises. And Chase’s seduction of Batman on the GCPD rooftop is later in the film. 

  • We start at Arkham Asylum with Dr Burton finding Two Face has escaped (this deleted scene is on the DVD/Blu-ray). There might be one extra exterior shot of the Asylum that we’ve not seen. 
  • Next we go to Wayne Enterprises, we zoom in on one window. Bruce Wayne is inside talking to his assistants. They are harassing him with lots of questions. One of the assistants is Jon Favreau – who can be briefly seen in the theatrical cut but has no lines. Bruce has just come back from meeting the President. He stops his assistants and then announces he needs to give himself a raise. (This scene is featured in the original script but we’ve never seen footage of it). 
  • Then we go to Bruce meeting Edward Nygma and being shown the prototype box. This is the same as the theatrical cut (there’s apparently a little more of him starting the machine – glimpses of this might be the ones seen in the U2 music video). 
  • As with the theatrical cut, Bruce sees the Bat signal, leaves Edward hanging, heads to his office and takes the chair luge thing to the Batcave. He gets dressed in the batsuit heads to the Batmobile. Alfred says “Can I persuade you to take a sandwich?”. Batman “I’ll get drive thru.” At this point, we have the main title! 
  • Now Batman arrives at the bank (there’s a few extra shots of the crowd). Everything plays out as the theatrical cut. When Batman comes out of the elevator he says ”Going down?” (as seen in the trailer). 
  • When Batman rescues the security guard with the hearing aid – there’s less dialogue between the two. The guard does not say “Oh no, it’s boiling acid.” There’s a few more shots of Batman standing on the vault. 
  • There are more effects shots of the helicopter going through the Ocu-Wash sign. Two-Face’s “If the bat wants to play, we’ll play” line (seen in the trailers and used in the video game) is also in this cut. 
  • There’s more of Two-Face in the helicopter after he’s shot the pilot – telling Bruce “You’re a killer too.” (This is probably close to what is the deleted scene on the DVD/Blu-Ray). There’s apparently a little more of Batman trying to get the lock off the flight stick and a few more effects shots of the helicopter hitting Lady Gotham’s face. 
  • As Batman falls into the water – this cut has flashes of young Bruce falling into the cave as a child. And flashes of the giant bat. I’ve got to agree with the Epic Film Guys, this is an odd placement for such a flashback. 
  • After Nygma kills Stickley there’s a little more of him being creepy – taking a photo of Bruce and smashing it on the ground. 
  • Bruce then wakes up in Wayne Manor and we get a little more conversation between him with Alfred. Alfred has the Batsuit in his hands (respect to Michael Gough – those suits were heavy!) and they talk a bit about Bruce being Batman. (Again, I’m assuming this is the extra bit from the script). 
  • The next change is the circus, there’s a few more shots Two-Face and a few more of Dick trying to get rid of the bomb but otherwise this is the same. 
  • When Dick Grayson arrives at Wayne Manor and Alfred tells him “Broken wings mend in time” Dick is looking at a newspaper with a headline about Two-Face. 
  • Chase’s scene where she tries to seduce Batman on the rooftop and moved back to after the circus scene and her dialogue makes more sense – “Two-Face’s coin. It’s his achilles heel.”- because she saw him at the circus. 
  • When Dick Grayson goes up against Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson’s skull faced gang leader – the audio isn’t dubbed. It’s Wilson’s actual voice which is a little flat. 
  • After Batman swoops down and scares the gang away apparently the scene of Dick punching Batman in frustration and yelling “It’s your fault” goes on longer and ends with Dick Grayson collapsing in exhaustion. Apparently there’s a cool overhead shot of in this. A unit still of this has been available for a while and I’m assuming this is how the shot ended. 
  • The scene of the Riddler coming up with his identity is slightly extended and after the Riddler looks over at his fortune telling machine we get a shot of his computer and see him making the costume on screen. 
  • During the montage of Riddler and Two-Face robbing locations there’s more of the Two-Face showing how to punch the guard. After Riddler hurts his hand, Two-Face smacks the guard and he crumples. (Note: the script and trading cards show the Riddler followed this up by beating the guard on the floor with his cane – I don’t think this is in this cut). The Epic Film Guys said this scene was much more menacing and sinister with Elfman’s music over the top. 
  • There’s an extra shot of the exterior of Chase’s apartment when Bruce goes to visit her. He also says “Thanks for her help with Dick” implying she is counselling him too. 
  • At the Nygmatech Party – Nygma does not ask Sugar “How’s my mole?” which I’m really sad about. That is GENUINELY my favourite line in the whole film. 
  • There’s a couple more shots of Batman climbing up the railings to get to the top of the Ritz Gotham. 
  • After Dick rescues Bruce and they’re back at the batcave we get more of Bruce watching a news report by an anchor called Kenneth Frequency who says Batman should retire and is just a menace to Gotham. Bruce then talks to Alfred who tells him he should call Chase and tell her how he feels. Alfred picks up the phone and calls Chase but Bruce can’t talk and hangs up. (This scene is on the DVD/Blu-Ray). 
  • Not an addition – but apparently all the cartoon sound effects are there during the part when Two-Face and Riddler break into Wayne Manor and blow up the Batcave. 
  • When Bruce wakes up after the attack, the bullet graze has given him amnesia. Alfred says they need to go to the cave beneath the cave. Bruce can’t remember anything about being Batman. Alfred beckons him to go into a small crevasse (not unlike the bit in Empire Strikes Back when Luke has the vision about fighting Vader on Dagobah). He goes into the small cave, finds the red diary and reads it. It is his father’s diary – the last entry says “Martha and I have our hearts set on Zorro so Bruce’s cartoon will have to wait.” The implication begin Bruce had blamed himself for going to the cinema the night his parent’s died. He says to himself “not my fault. It’s not my fault.” He stands up and sees a bat fly towards him. The giant turns out to be 7 foot tall (we’ve morphed into some kind of dream sequence) . He stretches out his arms, the bat stretches out his wings and the camera flies around them both. He comes back out the cave, sees Alfred and says “I’m Batman, Alfred. I’m Batman.” (This scene is on the DVD/Blu-Ray). 
  • There is apparently then a very cool but unfinished CGI shot after Bruce says this where a bunch of CGI bats fly out of the small crevasse behind Bruce. 
  • There’s some extra bit when Batman is talking to the Riddler in his throne room where we see Batman try to put his foot forward and notice that most of the floor is a hologram. 
  • There’s a little more of Two-Face on the ledge pointing his gun at Robin, Chase and Batman. 
  • There’s a little more of Edward in his cell pretending to be Batman. 
  • The film ends with Chase getting in the car and asking Alfred “Does it ever end?” to which he replies “Not in this lifetime.” The cut then goes to the Batman and Robin running in front of the Bat signal.
  • The Beauty Parlour scene (which was available on the DVD/Blu-Ray) – where Batman’s crime alert monitor in his Batmobile redirects him to a beauty parlour/hair salon and all the patrons laugh at him is not in this cut. Thank God! 
  • The Wooden Dummy scene - (which was available on the DVD/Blu-Ray) – where Dick is training on a wooden dummy with Two-Face’s picture taped to it. Bruce comes in and talks to him about Dick’s plans for revenge, and then kicks the dummy, snapping the top bit off. 
  • There is no scene of Dick Grayson showing Alfred kung-fu laundry. 
  • There’s seemingly no more of Edward Nygma on Claw Island after opening Nygmatech. The trading cards and sticker album did show that some shots of him were taken at a launch party (with two women with bright red hair) and some shots of him driving around in a little buggy with a hard hat. 
  • There is no scene of Sugar and Spice calling for a helicopter to come get them after the Nygmatech party. 
  • When Chase kisses Bruce at Wayne Manor there is no shot to show that she has figured out he’s Batman from kissing him. 
  • There is no shot of Riddler injecting Chase with a giant syringe and says “Nap time gorgeous.” 
  • There is no hero shot of Robin standing over Two-Face. 
  • After Two-Face falls there is no shot of his hand and a coin landing on it. As soon as he falls off the ledge that’s it. 
  • There is no scene of Batman talking to the deformed Riddler “Why can’t I kill you? Too many questions” … “Poor Edward I had to save them both. You see I’m both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Not because I have to be, now because I choose to be.” 
  • There is no shot of Batman and Robin on a gargoyle at the end of the film – we know they shot this on a blue screen so maybe it was scrapped to save money or they ran out of time to finish the effect. 
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