Friday, September 17, 2021

External link: Batman Forever trailer in 4K

Mindd Kidzag (who earlier in the year supplied the awesome scanned shooting script and schedule) has done it again! He's purchased a copy of the Batman Forever trailer and got Denis-Carl Robidoux to scan it at 4K resolution. 

Both the DVD and Blu-ray of course had the trailer on them but only in standard definition. It's wonderful to see the trailer in such clarity. Two bits that particularly stick out are the shot of Batman saying "Going down" and the shot of Val Kilmer standing up to the giant bat - both of which were deleted from the film.

Check it out below on the largest screen you can!

Friday, September 10, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Figure mugs (and more)

This week we're looking at the last few Batman Forever mugs and glasses that I own. Not quite sure how I ended up with so many of these but they're kinda fun. Just the same old problems with them being Applause, the paint application is a little sloppy. As I say in the video I'm 99% sure they didn't make a Riddler mug in this style but if anyone knows better let me know. 

Friday, September 3, 2021

Magazine Article: Sci Fi Universe July 1995

The second issue of Sci Fi Universe that covered Batman Forever is a lovely in-depth series of articles about various aspects of the film. One of the interesting things to note in this article is that there's an honesty to how rushed the production was. I know I already knew the budget but it bears repeating - this movie was made for $70 million!

There's also some interesting little bits of info like Joel talking about how they wrestled with coming up with the movie's title.

And Pat Hingle also gives lots of interesting insights. He even gives a gist of what the Marlon Wayans version of Robin was meant to be in Batman Returns (he must have had a great memory to remember that considering none of it was shot or in the final script).

Friday, August 27, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Batwing vehicle from Kenner

This week we're looking at the Batwing from Kenner. One of four vehicles made for the film (not including the Triple Action Vehicle that I still have yet to get my hands on).

It nicely mirrors the movie in that the wings can be removed and it turn into a Batsub. Further still the cockpit can be removed and is it's own mini vehicle. 

Another stellar effort from Kenner who were notorious at finding extra fun features in vehicles.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Magazine Article: Sci Fi Universe June 1995

One of two issues of Sci Fi Universe that covered Batman Forever. This one is just really a primer with Joel Schumacher explaining the film and how it differs from the Tim Burton ones. I do love that he says Bob Kane approved of everything except Dick's earring and the nipples on the suit.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Hydro Claw Robin figure from Kenner

I've reviewed a lot of Batman Forever over the last few years but Hydro Claw Robin holds a particulaly special place in my heart. This was the first Batman Forever figure I ever bought back in 1995 having just watched the film. I loved the figure then and I still love it now. 

The suit is really nicely detailed and I love the addition of the gold bandolier. It strays quite far from the movie suit but feels like it would fit really nicely with the Batman Sonar suit. 

The reversal of the green and black elements (gloves and boots) also works really well too and helps give the suit a darker look. If only it came with a cape this would be a great figure (and in fairness it's no trouble to nick a cape from another figure). 

This was a definite shelf warmer back in the day but it's still worth picking up (even today). EBay is awash with them so there's excuse not to get one too. 

Friday, August 6, 2021

External link: Batman Forever Alleyway location video

I love videos on YouTube where people locate and revisit movie locations. It's so interesting to see how different places look without all the lighting, props, set dressing and actors. With Batman Forever there's only so many real locations to revisit because so much of the movie was shot on soundstages.  

Here's a very cool video from a YouTuber called Pat the Batman Fan who managed to track down the exact alleyway used in the sequences where Two Face and his goons chase Batman into a dead end. It's a fantastic, funny, fact filled video, check it out.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Crimefighter Watch from Amitron

Quick one this week, looking at another of the watches that were made to tie in with Batman Forever. 

This is the one I wear on a daily basis. It's reasonably grown up looking from a distance. 

So far only my wife has ever spotted it has Batman on it. Everyone else either hasn't noticed or are too polite to question why a 37 year old man is wearing a Batman watch.

Friday, July 23, 2021

External link: I Read Movies Podcast covers Batman Forever by Peter David

One of the best podcasts that I've been listening to recently is I Read Movies in which host Paxton Holley breaks down all the changes from a movie compared to its novelisation. 

Novelisations are fascinating at times because 1) often authors are given licence to include their own material and 2) because they have to start writing so far in advance they will usually adapt the original script which can often differ from what gets shot.

Most recently Pax covered the Batman Forever novelisation by Peter David. If you've never read the book (which can be found as an ebook here) this is a nice way of finding out what's different.

Here's the link to the podcast. Be sure to check out his other episodes too, he's also covered Batman and Batman Returns by Craig Shaw Gardner.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Custom Fibreglass Batman Head

Another eBay find that's going to become a long term project. Managed to pick up this fibreglass head of Val Kilmer in the Sonar Suit cowl recently. It's a little rough and needs patching up but I think it has the potential to become the jewel in the crown of my collection... if I can get it painted right. Will update you on my progress. As always any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, July 9, 2021

External link: Batman Forever ebook at Retro Reading Time

I'm a big fan of the Peter David novelisation of Batman Forever. If you haven't read it you'll be pleased to know that some enterprising person has painstakingly converted it into an ebook that you can read on any tablet or computer.

Here's the link to the page

There’s also conversions of Batman (1989) and Batman Returns as well as a host of other movie, tv and video game novelisations. I've recently become a bit obsessed about reading novelisations and this website is worth it's weight in gold.

Friday, July 2, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Batarang 1:1 Scale Model from Phoenix Models

Managed to snag a very interesting (and likely very unofficial) prop on eBay a few months back. Made by a company called Phoenix Models it's a resin Batarang based on the one used at the end of the film - the one that Batman uses to destroy Nygma's Brain Sucking machine. Can't wait to get this painted and put together - I'll give another update when it's finished. The question is can I put a hinge in it so it slides together like it does in the film? Any advice in the comments below would be welcome.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Magazine Article: Automobilia no 52 Batman Forever Batboat

This week we're looking at the Batboat magazine that came with the Eaglemoss Batboat model. To see my video review of the model, click here.

This is a neat little magazine. The cutaway of the boat in particular is really fun to see.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Riddle Me This - A brief follow up about the Schumacher Cut

Today is June 16th (the twenty sixth anniversary of the Batman Forever's release). 

There’s a big push to get the hashtag #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut trending on twitter to see if Warner Brothers will consider releasing an extended cut of Batman Forever. Following on from last week's video about the contents of the "Schumacher Cut" here's a few corrections and clarifications.  

If you want to see the stuff I talk about in these videos, go to twitter and let @ATT @hbomax @jasonkilar know that you want them to #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut

Friday, June 11, 2021

Riddle Me This - What is the Schumacher Cut (and what does it contain)?

 Okay here's something I've been working on for a while. Back in March 2021 a twitter user @MinddKidzag released three awesome scanned pieces of paper work from Batman Forever. 

1) First up, a copy of the shooting script (previously there was only the Batchler's original Batman 3 script and one of Akiva Goldsman's drafts). This scan appears to be what they actually shot and contains scenes and lines not featured in the film. Some of this tallies with the deleted scenes on the DVD and Blu-rays but some does not.

2) A comprehensive film schedule detailing the order that everything was filmed. Again there are a couple of bits not featured in any script (featuring Nygma purchasing and developing Claw Island).

3) A list of scenes to complete (ie. small insert shots needed after principal photography was completed). Some of these were done and some seemingly were abandoned (like the helicopter ride to Wayne Enterprises).

There’s a big push to get the hashtag #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut trending on twitter on 16th June (the twenty sixth anniversary of the film's release). As such I thought it would be a good idea to go through the script and pull out the missing stuff because I believe it ultimately tells us what the Schumacher Cut includes.

So if you want to see the stuff I talk about in the video, go online on 16th June and let @ATT @hbomax @jasonkilar know that you want them to #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut

And please follow @CutSchumacher on Twitter.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Batman Forever Style Guide - Part 4

Here's the last part of posts showing the best bits of the Batman Forever Style Guide.

To see the full guide click here.

This part is particularly interesting because the last few images are something called "Forever Kids" which was an attempt to make illustrations suitable for under 5s. It looks a lot like the Animated Series.

There's also a bunch of product concept ideas which were never made like Batman rollerskates, umbrellas, waistcoats and more.