Friday, December 10, 2021

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - 3 Tier Batcave playset from Kenner

I had more or less resigned myself to never owning this massive Batcave playset. It rarely ever pops up on eBay and when it does it goes for astronomical prices. I lucked out last year when a seller contacted me and asked if I wanted to buy his one for £50. It was an absolute no brainer to say "yes".

It is a great playset and I am glad it's now in my collection. The main selling point is it's size. The thing is HUGE but fortunately it is let down by it's rickety and wobbly nature. I can't help but love the sturdier, smaller, more packed Wayne Manor Compound a little bit more.

If you can find one it's worth getting. If nothing else it gives you somewhere to hang your Batwing.

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  1. It's more like the movie itself. The Batcave for Batman Forever was designed by Marty Kilne.