Sunday, November 26, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Cosrider figure from Hot Toys

I reviewed the 4 Batman Forever Cosbaby figures by Hot Toys a while back. When I saw they were also doing a Forever Batmobile I was going to give it a miss. I'm not super into the "super deformed" style of figures and I have a ton of other Batmobiles in my collection.

However on closer inspection this is something a little different. It's actually a miniature version of the kids ride-on batmobile that was out at the time. You know the kind of thing where they'd be outside shops and your mum would put a pound in and you'd sit in it and it would go up and down and play a tune for 2 minutes.

The Batman figure that is standing out the top is also not just the original Cosbaby figure. It's a new sculpt. Hats off to Hot Toys for coming out with such an oddball idea. It's totally unique in my collection.

Anyway, as I say in the video it's a shame this doesn't play Seal or U2 or even some Elliot Goldenthal. I'll have to look into that - getting some kind of motion sensor that automatically plays "Kiss From a Rose" when you walk into my collection.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Bruce Wayne Target Variant by Kenner

Towards the end of Kenner's toyline Target (the US store) asked them to make a few exclusive repainted figures.

One of these was this variant of the Transforming Bruce Wayne figure. A straightforward repaint.

Decked out in metallic green and gold. It's a really nice colour scheme - maybe even better than the original flat blue and red.

However I'm not sure they needed to make Bruce Wayne's hair dark red. I'm sure they could have recoloured some other part of his body. Maybe given him a new coloured top or trousers.

Anyway, I love this figure. As I say in the video it might be my favourite Batman figure ever!