Sunday, November 26, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Cosrider figure from Hot Toys

I reviewed the 4 Batman Forever Cosbaby figures by Hot Toys a while back. When I saw they were also doing a Forever Batmobile I was going to give it a miss. I'm not super into the "super deformed" style of figures and I have a ton of other Batmobiles in my collection.

However on closer inspection this is something a little different. It's actually a miniature version of the kids ride-on batmobile that was out at the time. You know the kind of thing where they'd be outside shops and your mum would put a pound in and you'd sit in it and it would go up and down and play a tune for 2 minutes.

The Batman figure that is standing out the top is also not just the original Cosbaby figure. It's a new sculpt. Hats off to Hot Toys for coming out with such an oddball idea. It's totally unique in my collection.

Anyway, as I say in the video it's a shame this doesn't play Seal or U2 or even some Elliot Goldenthal. I'll have to look into that - getting some kind of motion sensor that automatically plays "Kiss From a Rose" when you walk into my collection.

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