Thursday, April 4, 2024

News: McFarlane gave announced a Batman Forever line

Well I think we were all hoping this would be coming sooner or later.

Finally last weekend - at Wondercon - Todd McFarlane announced that a Batman Forever 7 inch action figure line is on the way!

See the picture below. 

(Although it says Summer 2025 but apparently this is incorrect and they'll be out this year).

Some interesting things to note:-

Unfortunately we're only getting a reissue of the Sonar Suit that came out last year in the Ultimate Batman set. There's no Panther suit. However the rumour is that an exclusive Panther suit may come later (possibly with a 7 inch scale Batmobile!).

Although I can't see from the photo. I imagine the difference will be that the Batman figure will come with a molded plastic cape.

Two-Face, Riddler and Robin are the other three figures to collect. I think we all expected that given that the Batman & Robin line also had 4 figures. It's a shame the line isn't bigger - a Sugar, Spice and/or Chase figure would have been cool.

The big surprise is the choice for Build-a-Figure. It's the Nightmare Bat that Bruce keeps dreaming about in the film. This is a cool choice as it is only briefly seen in the film (poor Rick Baker who designed it). 

It's most famous for the deleted scene where Bruce spreads his arms out and stands face to face with it (which was put in the trailer).

Again, I can't tell from the photo but I hope you can move the Bat's head to recreate that scene.

I'm sort of hoping this helps a tiny bit in getting the Schumacher Cut finally released. Who knows? Every little bit helps.

Lastly, I'd recommend watching this video of Todd talking at Wondercon (skip to 15 minutes in to go to the Batman Forever reveal). 

He mentions two things of interest - 1) the Batman & Robin line had a "really big response at the toy fair last year and at retail" 2) he specifically notes that there "a group of you that are trying to collect the Batman movie characters" and he's "trying to deliver on that".

It feels nice to hear Todd say that. I (and I think everyone else that reads this blog or watches my YouTube channel) feel seen.