Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Riddle Me This - A brief follow up about the Schumacher Cut

Today is June 16th (the twenty sixth anniversary of the Batman Forever's release). 

There’s a big push to get the hashtag #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut trending on twitter to see if Warner Brothers will consider releasing an extended cut of Batman Forever. Following on from last week's video about the contents of the "Schumacher Cut" here's a few corrections and clarifications.  

If you want to see the stuff I talk about in these videos, go to twitter and let @ATT @hbomax @jasonkilar know that you want them to #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut


  1. I like the theatrical version, but if they're going to release the workprint of the film, I'll be very unhappy.

  2. There's some potentially relevant information in the BBFC Annual report for 1995 which discussed BF on pages 5-6:

    Chiefly; "Batman Forever was re-edited several times in America after the BBFC's initial viewing, but again the PG-13 version version that emerged was too violent to be given anything lower than a "12" in Britain". The report then talks about the US PG-13 version being trimmed so it could be a UK PG, but this seems to imply that the film was initially a bit more violent than the PG-13 version which became the international standard (and was eventually released in the UK on 12+ DVD and blu-ray).