Friday, May 25, 2018

Video Advertisements: Video Games

Batman Forever had a video game for just about every console available at the time.

While the Sega Saturn and PlayStation got a port of the hectic arcade game, the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, SNES and Gameboy got a really sluggish scrolling beat-em-up from Probe Entertainment/Acclaim.

It was a chore to play and had very fiddly unresponsive controls. That said, it had an awesome trailer for the game that was on the VHS release of the film in the forthcoming attractions.

One thing to note is that at lot of people think the shot of Batman and Robin on a pillar at the end is taken from the deleted ending of the film.

It's not, I'm afraid - it's just a shot they did with two stuntmen on a set specially for the game trailer. Neither Joel Schumacher nor any of the movie cast and crew were involved.

And here is a promo showing a little more of the gameplay.

Urgh, remember those terrible, noisy, cheap handheld games from Tiger? The ones with really repetitive gameplay and headache inducing music.

Well, in the 1995 they tried to make them more interesting by turning them into a wearable headset where you'd view the game on a little screen over your right eye! Yeah, they didn't last very long.

I remember these being on the toy shelves in 1995 and desperately trying to save up to buy one. I thought they looked amazing! Thankfully, they took them away before I got enough money. I'd have been furious if I wasted it on this.

Here's a sample of how the Batman Forever R-Zone game plays in case you're curious.

And finally, here's some posters for the Acclaim game.

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