Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Miscellaneous Content: the Blinko logo

While looking at a scan of some old production documents for Batman Forever I came across this logo in the bottom corner of one of the pages. It was tiny and when I blew it up it was pretty pixellated.

Now "Blinko" was the codename that was used while Batman Forever was in production. The name Batman Forever didn't come along until (I think) the later drafts of the screenplay (it was possibly Akiva Goldsman's choice but I can't verify that). The Batchler's first draft was simply titled Batman III.

Anyway, I was fascinated with this logo. I love how the question mark is neatly incorporated into the text to hint at the Riddler's inclusion. It's a nice little piece of Batman Forever history that's been basically lost and I wanted to preserve it for future fans.

I don't own any production documents for the movie (just the press kit) so I couldn't rescan it but I set about using my limited photoshop knowledge to recreate it. So here it is at a higher resolution.

And here's my final version that softens the edges and gives a bit of texture to the picture.

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