Friday, September 13, 2019

Behind the Scenes: Sculpting the Batsuit

Apologies for the somewhat shoddy picture quality. Here's some photos of the Batsuit being sculpted. Interesting to note that the mannequin in the first few looks an awful lot like Michael Keaton. I guess these were made when he was still in contention for the role. It also seems to be some kind of hybrid of the Panther and Sonar suits. Very interesting.

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  1. I've seen three of two of them with Michael Keaton's likeness. Those two were made when Joel Schumacher wanted to have Keaton to come back, but Keaton left for two reasons: one was due to a salary dispute at the time (he wanted $15 million for the percentage of the gross and the percentage of merchandising), and the other was creative differences. When Val Kilmer was cast, everybody was like, "Val would make a great Batman." And he did.