Monday, October 28, 2019

Miscellaneous content: Amitron Batman Forever Watch

I won't be doing a video review but here's a few photos of the Amitron watch that I picked up on eBay. There were a couple of these released with various designs - along with several plastic ones. I figured an adult can just about get away with wearing this one - it looks grown up enough from a distance.

And while we're on the topic of watches here's a a random article from The Quarterly Watches looking at the prop watch that was used in the film - a Jaeger-LeCoultre - apparently. I've zoomed in but the text is still very small and hard to read.

I'm not sure what they are on about with the flipping mechanism. I guess that wasn't featured in the film and is only part of the promotional ones they made for the film release. I've got to say it's really great that they went to the extra effort of illustrating the scene from the film for this spread.

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