Wednesday, November 6, 2019

News: Funko POP are releasing a figure of George Clooney's Batman!

No this is not an April Fool's Joke. Funko really are going to be releasing a George Clooney Batman figure from the much maligned Batman Forever follow-up Batman & Robin.

I've got to say it actually looks pretty great in toy form. I imagine a Batman Forever Sonar Suit can't be far behind because it's a pretty similar design/mould.

I've sorted of avoided talking about the infamous 1997 movie for a long time. And... well... there's a reason that this website is called

I don't really have a great hatred of Batman & Robin (like so much of the internet does) but I don't really have a great love for it either. I'm sure at some point I'll put down my complicated feelings about the movie. The short version is I think it's a rushed, lazy movie that tries and fails to copy all the beats of Batman Forever without getting the recipe right.

Anyway, I'll probably be picking this up and will do a review regardless.


  1. Batman 1997 is funky fresh and super dope!

  2. Batman & Robin 1997 is perfect. It's underrated n a really great film for lil kids. The problem is people usually expect the film to be more mature when watching it but thats not the point. I watched it when I was 5 when it first was released n I loved it! Till this day I think is aesthetically perfect too, Can't beat Mr. Freeze costume. That shit dope fr. Ask most of 90s kids, we all love it.

    1. Yeah it's a kid movie and a lot of people miss that. I think people give it a hard time.