Friday, March 6, 2020

Miscellaneous content: McDonalds branding

I've already covered the McDonalds TV adverts here.

And I reviewed the McDonald Glass Mugs here.

So finally I want to look at the neat branding McDonalds used on their packaging because it was really top notch and featured some illustration work that was never used anywhere else.

First up is the tray liner featuring illustrations of the glass mugs that were available in the US and Europe (not the UK though, scroll down to the end to see what we got).

 Next is the cups, bag and fries holders (one for all four of the main characters). I'm disappointed we didn't get a Dr Chase Meridian but I guess she looks like she's never even touched a French fry in her entire life.

Here's some close-ups of the fries holders. Some really nice illustration work here and I love the fact files on the back.

 And finally here's what we got in the UK instead of the amazing glass mugs. Yeah... a cardboard mask... a flimsy cardboard mask. I'm glad I didn't visit McDonalds in 1995. I would have been an incredibly disappointed child.


  1. The fast food restaurants really used to go all out with the marketing for the movie promotions. I'm assuming the French fry carton art was originally planned to be used on a series of plastic cups (like Batman Returns), but they decided on the etched glass mugs instead. I really wish Warner Bros would license some of the promo art for prints. So beautiful.

    McDonalds has recently done masks for Avengers: Endgame and Rise of Skywalker.

    1. I'm glad they did. Because Schumacher went passed McDonalds back in 1995, and they give away the Batman cups and they were all gone after they gave them away.

  2. I have a McDonald’s promo cardboard standee of Batman from the waist up from this film but can’t find any other one online in my search. Wish I could send a pic to you

    1. Jesus Christ, you have a McDonald's promo cardboard standee of Batman from 1995?