Friday, October 23, 2020

Magazine Article: Film Review Magazine August 1995

This week we're looking at the super generically titled Film Review magazine. We've got an interesting interview with Val Kilmer who talks through his career in self deprecating style. He seems genuinely happy with the role (which is at odds with more recent comments he's made). He also stops the interview to halt when the interviewer tries to cheekily hint at the gay connotations of Batman and Robin.

Capping off the feature is a review of the film - 4 stars!


  1. Any reasons why you deleted my comments, Jack? What murder did I commit?...

  2. Yeah, Jack. Why did you delete my comments?

  3. I don't have this issue, but I do have the September 1995 issue which rounds up the in-house critics' ratings for films still in cinemas at that time. They were:
    . Anwarr Brat- 3 Stars
    . James Cameron-Wilson- 1 Star
    . Marianne Gray- 3 Stars
    . Tom Hutchison- 3 Stars

    Guess WB were lucky Cameron-Wilson didn't get to write the review!

    1. Intriguing. Thanks for the info. Wow 1 star seems kind of harsh.

    2. Other than a film I've never heard of called "Suite 16" he gave everything else higher marks (2 stars for Judge Dredd and 4 stars for Die Hard 3 to site the films aimed at broadly the same market) including a whopping 3 stars for Free Willy 2, so yep, definitely not a fan!

    3. Here's my list of the top 7 Batman films:
      Batman (1989)
      Batman Returns (1992)
      Batman Forever (1995)
      Batman & Robin (1997)
      Batman Begins (2005)
      The Dark Knight (2008)
      The Dark Knight Rises (2012)