Friday, January 29, 2021

Magazine Article: Film Review Batman Special Part 1

Film Review magazine did a massive magazine all about the Batman movies and TV show to tie in with the release of Batman Forever. Interviews with pretty much all the cast and Joel Schumacher and Barbara Ling. So big I'm going to have to split this up.

First up we've got a run through all the Batman movies up to 1995, then there's an interview with Val Kilmer and Michael Gough.


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  2. That film was amazing. Val Kilmer is the best Batman. He is way better than Michael Keaton. Chris O'Donnell did a great job as Robin. He broke believe the character. Jim Carrey was funny as The Riddler, while Tommy Lee Jones was a great Two-Face. Both Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher are friends, because they met while making both The Lost Boys with Jason Patric and Beetlejuice with Keaton.