Friday, February 11, 2022

New site under construction

Hello everyone, you'll notice the posts on have slowed down in January. I've scaled down to one post a month. This is because I'm currently working on a new website.

This blog has been running since 2018 and although I'm thrilled at how many posts I've done (over 260!) it's starting to show its age. I feel like there's tons of great content on here but it's getting lost in the blog format.

As such I've started work - and bear in mind I'm far from finished - on creating a more traditional website so that people can quickly access articles and images. Here's a link if you want a sneak peak:-

I'm still working on the site - trying to figure out where to place all the sections and how to divide everything up. There's probably loads of broken links and empty pages. I can foresee it taking probably until Summer before I have it in full working order. 

If you have comments or suggestions for the site - features you'd like to see included for instance - please let me know.

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