Friday, October 28, 2022

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Cosbaby Riddler and Two Face set from Hot Toys

In the last few years there's been quite a few NEW Batman Forever figures released which is awesome for a 27 year old movie that isn't - shall we say - universally beloved.

While we wait for the Hot Toys and Prime 1 Studio figures (the jury is still out if I can afford those eye watering prices) I'm happy to see these more affordable Cosbaby figures.

I know everyone is not a fan of these Japanese-style SD figures but I find them cute and fun. 

The Cosbaby line is smaller than the Funko Pop line but they are also more detailed. I particularly love the coin in Two Face's hand which looks like it's mid flip. And it is nice to have actual eyes rather than those giant white dots that Funko figures have.

I think the Batman and Robin set were a little more interesting with their metallic sheen but the Riddler and Two Face set are pretty cool too.

The price was about £40ish a year ago but it's coming down. If you scope around on eBay you might be able to find one of the sets for closer to £20.

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