Friday, January 18, 2019

Magazine article: Starburst #204 - Part 2

The rest of Starburst's 204 issue sees Chris O'Donnell talk about playing Robin and then the Batchlers discuss writing the script. Sad to say they weren't asked back for Batman 4 and many of the projects mentioned at the end of the article never saw the light of day. Their most recent credit was the 2014 Paul WS Anderson film Pompeii.

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  1. Lee and Janet Scott Batchler were the greatest. They meet with Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher about Batman Forever, and Tim said to Lee and Janet that the heart of Batman is his duality. Superman is always Clark Kent, but everybody is one person. Lois Lane is Lois Lane. Jimmy Olsen is Jimmy Olsen, and Lex Luthor is always Lex Luthor, but in Batman, everyone except maybe Alfred, has a double identity. And Lee and Janet started off with that, "Batman is about duality." And Tim said, "Yes." And Lee and Janet got the job. And that's a great interview.