Friday, December 23, 2022

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Audio Game from Parker Brothers

Turns out the board game - Battle at the Big Top - wasn't the only game that Parker Brothers put out. They also released this very fun audio game. 

Basically, you have a deck of cards and a coin and you just listen to the tape as it instructs you with a loose adaptation of the movie. 

The two sides of the tape (yep, it's a cassette tape) give you two adventures. One in Gotham City, one at Claw Island.

I've played it once with my wife and kid and we actually had a lot of fun. 

If YOU want to play a game yourself you're in luck. Because it's nearly Christmas I've decided to give you all a present. Not only have I recorded the cassette (apologies, it's a little wobbly in places), I've also made up some cards that you can print off so you can play along yourself. Merry Christmas.

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