Friday, January 20, 2023

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - The Unauthorized Batman Collectors Guide by Alan J Porter

Searching for all this Batman Forever stuff on eBay I frequently stumble across other items of interest. I was thrilled to find this random book that was made back in 1998 for people who were collecting Batman merchandise back then.

This was fascinating to look through and full of great photos of figures and comprehensive text. For someone like me, who loves 90s Batman, this was great to look through.

The back half of the book contains estimates of every item - books, toys, mugs, statues, duvet sets, posters and any other piece of merchandise out there.

On the one hand I'm jealous of how much cheaper it was to collect Batman merchandise in 1998. But I can't help but feel it would be much harder finding everything without 2023 eBay.

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