Sunday, July 16, 2023

New book on Schumacher's Batman movies "Neon Knight Forever" to be released in December

Tomasz ┼╗aglewski - a professor in film and audiovisual culture - has written a NEW book that analyses both of Joel Schumacher’s Batman movies titled “Neon Knight Forever”. 

I'm really looking forward to reading this (and will no doubt be reviewing it when it comes out). As far as I know Schumacher's Batman movies have never really been written about in this way - deconstructed, analysed, and talked about in an academic fashion. 

Let's face it, for the last two decades most of what has been written about Batman Forever and Batman & Robin has been negative online comments by irate comic nerds mad about nipples or campy acting. It's nice that someone wants to talk about it in a balanced way. 

Here's a preview of the chapter headings:-

Introduction: 'Can I persuade you to take a sandwich with you, sir?' 
1. Neon Knight Begins: The Not-So-Dark Knight as an Element in Batman's Transmedia Multiverse 
1.1. Into the Bat-verse: From the Multiverse of Stories to the Multiverse of Readings 
1.2. Camp Knight, Dad Knight or Cute Knight? Exploring the Foundations of the Neon Knight 
2. The Neon Knight Unchained: Questionable Choices and the Ice-Catching Spectacle in Batman Forever and Batman & Robin 
2.1. Who's Afraid of the Big, Black Bat? Joel Schumacher as a Cinematic Trespasser 
2.2. Tim Burton's Noir-tmare before Christmas vs. Joel Schumacher's Camp Noir: Embracing a Living Comic Book as a Visual Thriller 
2.3. The Lite Knight Rises: The Troubling Case of the Plastic Figures, Virtual Grappling Hooks, and Rubber Nipples 
3. The Neon Knight Triumphant: Modern Perception of Joel Schumacher's Batman Duology 
3.1. 'It's So Bad, It's Almost Good': Fandom's Online Discourse Following Joel Schumacher's Passing 
3.2. Schumacher was right': Social Media Appreciation for the Neon Knight Closing Remarks or 'We're going to need a bigger cave'

The book is due for release in December 2023, you can pre-order now by following the link:-

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