Friday, July 21, 2023

New McFarlane Kilmer and Clooney figures coming soon

Todd McFarlane just announced a new 6 figure Ultimate Movie Collection of figures based on the most recent Batman movie actors. 

The set will retail for $119.99 and feature the following actors:-

Michael Keaton (1989 suit)
Val Kilmer (Sonar suit)
George Clooney (non-Ice suit)
Christian Bale (Dark Knight suit)
Ben Affleck (looks like the Tactical suit from Justice League without the goggles)
and Robert Pattinson 

Most are reissues of existing McFarlane figures but Kilmer and Clooney are brand new sculpts. Have a look at the pictures below and see what you think.

Here's a link to the McFarlane page:-

They are all 7 inches and come with one bat signal with interchangeable bat symbols! No batarangs or other gadgets have been mentioned.

I don't love the poseable heads (it makes them look less like the actual suits) but everything else seems really good. I particularly love that these have cloth capes. And I think the likeness (the mouth and chin) are pretty good - certainly much better than Mattel DC Multiverse figure of Kilmer from a few years ago.

Hopefully these will be able to be purchased separately at some point in the future.

There were rumours earlier in the year that McFarlane may released more figures from Batman Forever (Batman, Robin, Two Face and The Riddler) and Batman & Robin (Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze and Bane as a build-a-figure). 

Who knows if that will happen but this certainly makes it more likely.

I know Todd will never see this message but THANK YOU for not forgetting the Schumacher Batmans.

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  1. That sounds good. McFarlane Toys are getting ready to release those figures based on the Batmen that Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney.