Friday, December 13, 2019

Batman Forever Merchandise Review - Two Face figure from Kenner

Here's another Kenner review, this time looking at the Two-Face figure. Strangely, for such a colourful villian they only made this figure and a repaint (in a Riddler and Two Face 2 pack). This seems like such a missed opportunity. Surely they should have at least made a circus ringleader version with top hat and giant bomb.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the review. More on the way soon.

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  1. Nice review, A "friend" of mine stole the coin back in the day (long story ). I've actually customized my 'Face, gave him the left hand of a beat up Toy Island "Pudface" from RoboCop - The Series. Really couldn't live with that double breasted coat, either (plus, the lapels are wrong, even the numbers of BUTTONS... He's obsessed with the "2" - but all buttons are 3's, noticed ? This is SO NOT Two-Face, save for the head & paint scheme). Thanks for your time ! (PS: The figure from the 2-pack can stay like that, but needs a repaint like the "party crasher" one. Half black/ half multi color splashes. Ok, and that tie reworked)