Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Batman Forever Merchandise Review – Soft Toy Batman Plush from Hasbro

This week we're looking at a soft toy plush that was made by Hasbro. It's sort of weird in that the body is soft but the head is sharp and pointy. Like they couldn't decide which age group of kid to make it for. Anyway, it's... a pretty non-essential purchase. Two things I didn't realise at the time.

1) They not only made a Robin figure to accompany this but they made them in two different sizes (the one in the video is the smaller size). Annoyingly I picked up the Robin on eBay and got the larger size. So I now have a tiny Batman and GIANT Robin. Urgh.

2) They made a Justice League animated series plush using the exact same mold. They just made the highlights on the body bright white and removed the black around the eyes. Weird!

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