Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Batman Forever Merchandise Review – Batboat Model from Eaglemoss

This week we're reviewing the Batboat model from Eaglemoss. If you haven't already check out my review of Eaglemoss' Batmobile on my youtube channel.

Eaglemoss are a company that makes small figures and packages them with fun, interesting magazines. Here in the UK they are sold in newsagents or via the internet. I think they've stopped doing this Bat vehicle line but it was fun while it lasted. They covered just about every movie, cartoon and comic Bat vehicle. Okay well maybe not every one but they did the Bat Train - that's how deep they dug.

I'd definitely recommend picking up this Batboat if you liked and enjoyed their Batmobile. The magazine is a fun addition and the lenticular backdrops and plastic case mean it looks great on your desk, shelf, or wherever you keep your Bat merchandise. Most of mine is currently in my attic. I need to fix that.

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