Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Batman Forever Merchandise Review – Pinball Back Glass from Sega

Well this is something a bit unusual. It's probably the jewel in my Batman Forever collecting crown. A back glass from the Batman Forever pinball game.

I picked this up on eBay a year or so ago from a guy who said he was "breaking" a Batman Forever table to sell the individual parts. He couldn't seem to shift it so I gave him a pretty cheeky offer and begged him to send it via courier. Anyway, he agreed and thankfully it turned up 2 weeks later in perfect nick. It's a really stunning painting on a piece of clear plastic that is attached to a large piece of glass. I've since had it mounted in the hallway in my house and put some LEDs behind it.

As much as I'd love the whole pinball machine, they go for thousands of pounds, and I don't have the space, and I suck at pinball. So owning the unique artwork is perfect for me.

The detail in it is phenomenal. I really love the way the artist has capture Val and Chris' faces - it's likely been traced from photos but it looks amazing. It's currently at the top of the stairs and every time I go up or down I can't help but smile.

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